Manfrotto L-Plate Adapters

Camdapter Manfrotto L-Plate Adapters come in two sizes to fit all cameras* and tripod heads that use the Manfrotto® 3157N camera plate (200PL in Europe) or the RC2-type QR adapters.

Camdapter Manfrotto L-Plates

Machined from aluminum and finished in Type 3 hard anodizing. This affordable Manfrotto L-plates are adjustable to fit so many cameras that were pretty sure it will fit your next camera as well! The adjustability assures that you will have access to your cameras connectors and the Camdapter Manfrotto L-Plate won't block your battery door*. Plus, an integral strap lug allows you to use a comfortable, secure Camdapter ProStrap.

Finally L-plate convenience for Manfrotto users.

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