In Early 2005, photographer and product designer Jim Garavuso had enough with removing his hand strap from the camera to change the battery. A routine operation should not create such frustration. Jim decided to put his Industrial Design and Engineering background to use and started sketching out ideas on an easy-to-use system. A system that comprised of an aluminum plate that would fit snuggly on the bottom of most camera bodies and fasten to his Canon hand strap. Jims first attempt was a machined aluminum plate with a stainless steel pin on one side to fasten his existing strap. After a few trial shoots, the strap caught the eye of some of his photographer friends and so began Camdapter. Rarely satisfied, Jim focused on the drawbacks created by the current design of hand straps - sweaty hands, poor construction and incorrect sizing. He thought out multiple designs until he came up with something he felt was a comfortable alternative - Top Grain leather, wide, easy to construct, and easy to use. After mass-producing a single ended Camdapter for a Canon camera, Jim moved into production on the current Camdapter plus. Jim marketed this model to news groups and camera enthusiasts who urged him to develop models to work with other camera bodies. This took him to developing the Camdapter that fits Canon Rebel and other models. The Camdapter line of products will always be driven by design, engineering and customer service. Future plans include adding new adapters to fit other quick release systems, new hand and neck strap designs, as well as a line of Tripod QR systems. Please be sure to read the testimonials to hear what customers are saying about the products. Be assured that if you submit a suggestion, Jim will certainly consider incorporating it into his product line.