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Camdapter needs your help!

With new cameras coming onto the market every few months, it is almost impossible for us at Camdapter to test fit every new camera. Help us keep our compatibility chart up to date.

Send a snapshot of our adapter and hand strap on a camera that is not listed on our compatibility chart and we will reward you with your choice of either a $10 discount on your next purchase from us or refund the shipping charge on your last order. Send photo and camera model information to


“The Camdapter is a very simple but well thought out piece of kit. The clear concise instructions makes installation a breeze. The Camdapter Hand Strap System suits my shooting style beautifully, and I love being able to access my battery for recharging without having to remove all the attachments to my camera.” - Digital Reviews Network

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Digital Camera Review:
Pros: Excellent construction, provides secure grip Tripod QR compatibility (if you have a supported tripod) Wide selection of adapter plates Allows normal access to battery/memory card on many cameras Replacement 1/4-20 socket means adapter doesn't need to be removed for monopod use.

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“A very useful and well designed aspect of the Camdapter system is that both the CF card and the battery door are accessible with the strap installed. I can't think that a strap that requires removal to replace a battery or card would even be worthwhile, yet some suffer from this fatal design flaw. So far I'm impressed. I took some test shots to see how the camera handled, and it felt very solid without being uncomfortable and all the controls within easy reach.” -Techie Musings

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