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Phone Cases: Horizontal
Phone Cases: Vertical
Fenix E01
Fenix LD01
Fenix LD10
Fenix PD20

Phone Cases

The superior design of the phone case incorporates a thick leather belt loop with a heavy duty snap to hold it closed. The large size loop fits over the widest of belts and hangs slightly below the belt to allow the case to move when you sit down.

On the Horizontal phone case, the flap is held shut with a 1" velcro strip which also acts as a cushion to help protect the phone. The design of both the Horizontal and Vertical phone case includes an integrated finger relief to easily open the case. For iPhone users, the design allows access to the headphone minijack and both speakers are exposed.

The inside is lined with soft Top Grain leather. This Top Grain lining can be cleaned with an alcohol based lens cleaner or similar product. I have found that many of the cases on the market today have suede linings. Suede looks nice new, but over time it absorb oils from the surface of your phone and can never be effectively cleaned.

Phone burritos:
Fits phones: 4.625”x 2.375” x.5”

Horizontal phone case price: $40.00

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Vertical phone case price: $45.00

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