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Ease. Comfort. Convenience.

The Camdapter Hand Strap System makes it easier for photographers to handle and maneuver their cameras, without having to install an additional grip. The system allows for a neck strap and battery access, and it makes it more convenient to quickly attach to a tripod.

The Camadapter System involves two components: the Hand Strap, and the Adapter. With a pin connection on the mounting plate, the two work together to provide an alternate option for stability, comfortable handling, and accessibility.

Use our Compatibility Chart to find The Adapter for your Hand Strap system.

Wanted: Your Photo  

Camdapter needs your help!

With new cameras coming onto the market every few months, it is almost impossible for us
at Camdapter to test fit every new camera. Help us keep our compatibility chart up to date.

Send a snapshot of our adapter and hand strap on a camera that is not listed on our
compatibility chart and we will reward you with your choice of either a $10 discount on
your next purchase from us or refund the shipping charge on your last order. Send photo
and camera model information to

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